Aquaponics Update, Part Drei: The Plantening

Got more fish and transplanted a few plants from my outside garden and into my aquaponics setup.  Transplanted some red Swiss chard (I damaged the root system, unfortunately, and don’t know if this guy will make it) and some chives.  From my fridge I took some pieces of ginger and a few green onions and planted them as well.

I also planted some arugula seeds in some peat moss and put them in there as well.

In the video I take out what looks to me like a shrimp… but in the video it is clear that it is a dead guppy.  The head is still somewhat intact, but the flesh has been eaten and decomposed off of the spine.  I am near-sighted and wear glasses, which interferes with my vision when objects are close.

Check out the video: