Aquaponics Update

This is a video of my aquaponics setup.  In the video I state that I don’t need many fish, which is in error.  Reading about it, it turns out that I will probably need more.

Two goldfish have died so far.  The guppies, however, have all survived, and today most of the fish look spry, and they are eating.

I expect a shock to their systems when I add the clay medium, which I will have to rinse with tap-water to clear them from debris and clay dust.  That as well as the changes to the water created by the clay might change the water quality in a manner harmful to the fish. We’ll have to see.  I will add dechlorinator to the water as it circulates around the clay pebbles for the first time. Hopefully that will neutralize the bad stuff in the tap water.

I’ll post either a video or pics (or maybe a combo) when I put the clay in.

The timer is working properly.  The water flows when it is supposed to and stops when it is supposed to.  As I said in the previous blog entry, the reviewer on Amazon who said that the timers are bunk and never start properly apparently never reset the timer before plugging it in for the first time and programming it.  If I put up LED lights to support plant growth (I’ve looked and found one that seems right, fairly inexpensive and right for the size of my setup), I’m going to get another timer (same model) for the lights.