N-Acetyl Semax Amidate and N-Acetyl Selank

I purchased N-Acetyl Semax Amidate and N-Acetyl Selank nasal sprays from Ceretropic around a month ago.  I’ve been using both daily.  Generally, I will use Semax in the day and Selank a few hours before bed.  The dose is 100 mcg per spray.

I have also been using a Noopept nasal spray.

The experience with both of these has been subtle.  I have tried using a variety of dose levels, ranging from 100 mcg of just one to 400 mcg of both.

The anxiolytic effects of Selank are noticeable even at low doses.  Before I got used to it, I decided this was definitely something I would only take near bed-time and not when I had a lot of stuff to do.  It made me tired and even a little drunk at first, but after a some days of use that effect wore off.

I am really at a loss to describe the effects of each.  Semax is definitely a little stimulating.  Selank is more relaxing.  In terms of mental clarity, memory, and other cognition-enhancing effects, I’d have to say that subtle is the key word.  There were no dramatic, noticeable increases.  I never went, “Holy fuck! I’m just ON today!”

I did find myself simply not experiencing the tip of the tongue phenomenon as much as well as being able to remember better.  But this is in retrospect and only because I can recall periods where I had a lack of the emotional reactions which unfortunately attend memory or word lapses on my account.  I feel embarrassed and stupid when it happens.  It is only in retrospect that I have realized, hey, I didn’t feel like that at all for the past day or so.

That is not to say days have gone by without incident, but I would say that the incidences are fewer.

In terms of clarity of thought, increased attention span, and ability to focus, again, I think the effects are very subtle.  They may well enhance these capacities, but not dramatically.

One thing I have noticed is a marked desire and anticipation for taking the doses.  They make me feel better for a while.  So, this leads me to believe that while every website I’ve looked at regarding the two claim that they are non-addictive, I believe that they are psychologically addictive.

I say this, because when I was running out, I got a little bit of an anxious, “Oh no! I want more of this stuff!” feeling.  That is certainly a sign of psychological addiction.

I’ve read that these drugs affect the activity of dopamine and serotonin, and I believe it.

I wish I could be more lucid regarding my experiences with these two substances.  I think what needs to happen is for me to take them alone many hours apart and take care to notice what is going on regarding them.  I may do this.

I re-ordered two more bottles, this time at the higher doses (300 mcg Semax and 200 mcg Selank).  I’ll dedicate a few days to taking them without Noopept or each other.  I’ll space out the doses, and then I’ll report my experiences here.

Would I recommend them?  Yes… if it’s true that they aren’t physically addictive.  I’ve been a few days off of them during this time span, and I did not experience any funk, negativity, unpleasant emotions, or physical symptoms as a result of not taking them.  So I doubt they are physically addictive.  But they are psychologically addictive, at least for me.

That being said, the reason I would recommend them is for that very factor.  They help you feel better, I think, on a daily basis.  I believe they have made me more emotionally even in general, and less reactive.  They also seem to mellow out some compulsive tendencies of mine.

As for the cognitive enhancing effects, they are mild but noticeable, if only in looking back and realizing that I had fewer embarrassing forgetful moments or those times when I mean to say one word and think I’m saying it, but another comes out of my mouth based on what I was just thinking about.

Noopept Experience

A long time ago I purchased some Noopept powder from Nootropics Depot.  As with most nootropics I’ve tried, I had an initial excitement about it, but then the love affair quickly tapered off.  My experiences with racetams have usually left me feeling a bit spacey and off. [Since posting I have learned that while Noopept is similar in structure to racetams, it is not part of the racetam family. -SM]

I decided to give it another go, but this time I changed the delivery method.  I took an old 1.5 oz saline nasal spray bottle and emptied it.  I thoroughly mixed about 200 mg of Noopept with distilled water and filled the spray bottle to 3/4ths with it.

For the past several days (I’d say about four), I have been using the spray bottle to take it through nasal insufflation.  At first I tried a spray in each nostril.  As the days progressed, I found I needed much less, and I only used it a few hours after I felt no noticeable effects from the Noopept.

What has happened?

My vision is noticeably clearer.  Colors are more vivid.  This effect has become long lasting in the past couple of days.  That is, I can notice it when I wake up.  Also, it is as if my myopia has become a little better.  I was amazed today to notice that I could see numbers some distance away more clearly.  It’s a two-phase thing.  The first phase is when the numbers are a bit blurry, but if I keep looking, suddenly they come into focus and I see them very clearly.  There is still a bit of a fuzzy aura around them.

I suspect that my eyes are just as bad as they were, but the Noopept is doing something to the visual parts in my brain.  It seems to be upping the signal.  What I think is happening is that my eyes are seeing the blurry number, but my brain recognizes what the number is and imposes what it should see upon what I am actually seeing.  That’s my hypothesis anyway.

I feel a little more… I don’t want to say clearheaded… I feel that my brain activity is a little more even, if that makes any sense.  I don’t necessarily feel or perceive any more clarity of thought.  My memory isn’t much better, I don’t think.  But I am lacking the sort of dreamy haziness that usually comes with racetams.  There is also a sort of feeling of disconnection racetams give me, like I am floating just a little bit away from reality or my normal way of thinking and perceiving.  I’ve found that distracting in the past.  It’s there, a bit, but it is not as distracting.

I think the ideal dose for me is actually lower than 10 mg per pop.

A side effect that I guess is normal with drugs that affect choline is that I feel a bit stiff and crampy in various muscles.  This makes sense because choline affects muscle tone.  I think I may need to reduce the dose even more, because over the days there has been a noticeable buildup.  It tapers off, however, hours after I have taken a dose.  But it seems to be building, so when it occurs, it’s worse than the earlier time.

If I can adjust the dose to manage the stiffness better, I think I may continue with taking Noopept for a while.  Supposedly the real benefits from nootropics come from long-term use.

Another thing that has happened (which may very well be the result of the Noopept) is that last night I had a very strange, incredibly meaningful and emotional dream.  These kinds of dreams are rare for me.  It was almost as if I had a spiritual teacher who was trying to teach me something about life itself.  It made sense, and I think I may have learned something on a deep level.  May have been a fluke, however.  We’ll just have to see.

I have just gotten N-Acetyl-Selank and N-Acetyl-Semax-Amidate nasal sprays.  I will be taking those, too, and will probably post on my experiences.

I’ve already taken a dose of each. My first thoughts are that the Selank kinda takes me out of it.  That is, I can really feel the anxiolytic effects of it.  It made me pretty sleepy and relaxed, and I didn’t want to do anything.  I didn’t get good sleep last night, however, and that might be part of it.  What will give a better impression is a dose taken after a good, full night of sleep and when I’ve become alert and engaged in a wakeful participation with the day.  If it pulls me down from that upswing, then I’ll know that the anxiolytic effect is too strong for me… perhaps taking it at night would be better in that case.

Semax seemed a bit uplifting.  The effects of the Semax may have been modified by the Selank.  I will have to take Semax alone and notice what happens.

I’m very excited.  As I’ve grown older, I’ve noticed more fog and muddle-headedness.  I think I used to be a lot sharper than I am now, and it’s depressing.  I also feel a lack of motivation and purpose.  I think that, perhaps, if these substances can help my brain heal and repair itself, I might be able to get some of that back.  It feels for the first time using these substances that it might be possible.

I think my mistake in the past was thinking that more is better.  I think a better approach with this stuff is to start small and very mild and let it build gradually over time.  With the muscle cramping I think that the smaller amount of Noopept I’m taking may well be too much.  I think I may dilute what I have in the spray bottle even more.

We’ll see.