Soylent 1.1 Unboxing

When there was a lot of buzz about Soylent, I eagerly watched just about every video I could about it.  I found the topic very interesting and exciting.

Here is a youtube video about it:


So, I decided to bite the bullet an order some.  My order was placed on May 9th, 2014.  It just came in today, 5 months later.  Feel free to watch the unboxing video.  Enjoy as you see me become increasingly confused and frustrated at the lack of an oil measuring implement or any information as to how much oil to add with a measure (provided) of the powder… (It’s 1.5 teaspoons, btw.)

What I didn’t realize by eyeballing it is that a packet of powder and bottle of oil is one full day’s worth of nutrition.  A packet contains 3 “meals,” which means 6 half-meals.  So, the included scoop is 1/6th of a packet of powder.  I didn’t understand what should have been immediately apparent, a packet is one full day of food which is divided into 3 meals.  Why they chose to have a scoop the size of a half of a meal and not include an equivalent measure for the oil is probably due to the fly by the seat of your pants nature of the organization.  A lot of things seem helter skelter with Soylent so far.

Anyway, here’s the video:

The box it came in looked a little gimpy.  There were several layers of packing tape over the top of the box, which shows concern about sealing the package properly but also demonstrates that they are running a kind of DIY shipping and don’t have their business streamlined there.

The packages inside, however, had some polish.  They were all sealed with a single, neat application of clear packing tape.  The boxes inside were unblemished and uncrumpled with no holes, marring, or damage to them.  I received a box with a pitcher and measuring cup and two boxes (I ordered the extra set of soylent) containing bottles of oil and packets of powder.

You get a card and a small pamphlet (images included below) with information and instructions.  However, the material contains no instructions as to how much oil is supposed to go with a serving of one cup of the powder.  Nor is there a measuring spoon for this amount.  From what I’ve read, Soylent really needs to get their shit together.  They’ve had problems with production and shipping as well as their formula causing people some intestinal distress and other symptoms.

I can understand some problems, but getting so much money from the kickstarter and having an engineer running the company… I have to think… wow.  I figured an engineer would research and design the business better at the outset.  But, then, maybe starting and running a big business is hard.  I can’t help but think, though, that some mismanagement has been involved.  I hope they iron out their problems.

Anyway, the missing instructions I was looking for regarding the amount of oil per scoop of powder can be found on their website, here.

They should print that out and include it with every package they ship.  Seriously.  Or just include a slip of paper printed with a url where you can download the latest edition of the manual.  It isn’t rocket science.

So, without further adieu, let’s look at some unboxing pics!


This is a pic of the box it came in with several items removed from their containers.  The long skinny box on the left contained the pitcher and metallic scoop.  It also contained a small card which can be seen above the pitcher, as well as a little black card with white letters which says “soylent” in the logo font.  I guess this was supposed to be a magnet, but shit happens.

You can see the bottles of oil at the top and the manual to the right.  There were 7 bottles of oil, I removed one.  The two big white boxes contain bottles of oil and packets of powder.


Side of the large box containing the powder and oil.


Powder packet and oil bottle front.


Powder packet and oil bottle back.


Pitcher and scoop. The top of the pitcher looks to be water-tight when screwed in completely.



Here is the little black card which, in a more perfect world, was probably supposed to be a refrigerator magnet, and below is a card that was also placed with the pitcher.


This is the back side of the card.

Here are scans from the Soylent 1.1 manual:









That’s all for now.  Stay tuned for mixing it, and then, later, drinking it and my opinions on the texture, taste, and how I feel an hour after.