Germinating Difficult Seeds

I have found that the seeds of certain plants are difficult to germinate.

In my experience, cilantro and certain peppers are particularly troublesome.

I googled the issue and have found some promising leads which I will experiment with.  An individual at Monster Gardens created a video regarding germinating very old seeds.


Here is a video on seed scarification.


The Monster Gardens individual says that he had a solution of oxygen and sugar.  Sugar anyone can manage, right? But what about oxygen?  Well, I just so happen to have an ozone generator.  But ozone is a form of oxygen that is unstable, and it can damage things.  I mean, oxidation is the process by which many things decompose.  What is rust, after all?  It’s oxygenated iron.  Ozone is O3.  It is an unstable molecule.  If I recall correctly, O2 is stable.  O3 is O2 with an extra atom of oxygen.  Three is a crowd, right?  Those two other oxygen atoms want to get rid of the third leg so that they can be free of distractions, so that lonely oxygen atom wants to get together with someone else… but this new union, whatever it is, is usually a bad romance, as the song goes, because it creates decomposition.

I understand that this action is why O3 is so good at deodorizing, because it binds with smelly molecules and breaks them up, thus destroying odors.

Anyway, I needed to discover if ozonating a seed would harm it.  I found this article, which states that ozonated seeds germinate better.

So, this is what I plan to do: I will scarify the seeds moderately using sandpaper.  I will then get some water and put some sugar in it, and make sure the sugar gets really into solution with the water.  I will then put the seeds in the water and run the ozonator for a while (20 minutes?).  I will probably also put some DMSO (which can be found here) into the water to help the oxygen, water, and sugar penetrate deeply into the seed.

If the treatment with DMSO kills the seed, I will then try it without the DMSO.

Please return within a few days for an update if this subject interests you.