Nootropics: NA-Semax Amidate & NA-Selank Update

I’ve used both N-Acetyl Semax Amidate and N-Acetyl Selank since I first posted (January 2016, approximately 7 months).  I might have a few days off, in between uses, now and then.

Selank definitely has a mild sedating and anxiolytic effect.  I do not suffer with much anxiety in general during the day.  In some circumstances, like when I am out at a restaurant or grocery store alone, I get fairly intense feelings of social anxiety and negative self-concept.  I do not think that Selank has helped with this at all.  I think only a very strong drug could combat these feelings when I have them, as they are pervasive and strong within those contexts.

I wouldn’t recommend Selank as an intervention for that kind of anxiety.

It does, however, have a mild mood elevation and relaxation effect.  It also helps clear your head a bit.

N-Acetyl Semax Amidate is mildly stimulating.  It isn’t enough to keep you awake if you are tired.  It won’t prevent you from sleeping (or me, at least) if you need it.  It also clears your head a bit.

The effects of both supplements are what I would consider mild and slightly beneficial.

If you are looking for something that will drastically improve your cognition or help your mood, I don’t think either of these substances are for you.

If, however, you want to experience something that gives you a little boost, then these are for you.  I alway look forward to using them, but I don’t feel like I have to.  I guess it’s a bit like soda although not as addictive.  I don’t feel bad or needy when I don’t take Semax or Selank, although the idea of using them is usually welcome.

My dose is usually once or twice a day.  Sometimes I will take 600 mcg (two nasal insufflation doses of 300 mcg) of NA Semax Amidate in the morning and 400 mcg (two nasal insufflation doses of 200 mcg) of NA Selank in the evening.  Sometimes I will mix Semax and Selank in the day.  Sometimes one dose of each, sometimes two of each.

I guess I would describe Semax as being like a bit of coffee, not much, without any jitters or anxiety.  Just a little clarity.  My mind doesn’t race, become disconnected, or confused.  I am just a bit more alert, sharper, clear.  Or at least I have that feeling.

I have experienced no noticeable improvements in creativity, productivity, memory, word choice, or any such cognitive skills while on either.

I will continue to use both Semax and Selank, however, because they do make me feel good.  I cannot describe it.  There is no euphoria or anything like that, but they do make you feel a little better.  Like something little but noticeable.  Maybe someone smiles at you or you do a small task you’ve been procrastinating over.  It’s like that.  Not huge, but nice.

Both are mild and subtle.  I think that they are perfect for things like reading for enjoyment or maybe before taking a class.  I don’t think they are good for helping you push yourself or getting you to do some difficult task better or keeping you up to cram or finish a paper or something like that.

I think they are luxuries that may help you live a little better if you’re lucky enough to be able to afford their use.