Strange, Cruel, and Unnecessary Botany

Check out this video which shows what I am doing to this poor, innocent Long Dari 35 seed from The Hippy Seed Company.  For a good laugh, check out the videos on their youtube channel!

My intent is to germinate seeds which are difficult to grow. The first thing I did was gently rub the seed against sandpaper to “scarify” it.  Then, I add sugar and fertilizer to water and ozonate it.  I then add some DMSO and plop the seed in the water and let it set for approximately 20 minutes (a little under).  I then take it out and plant it in my aquaponics setup.  I have not seen it germinate yet.  It’s been about a day and a half so far.

BTW, my sink is dirty from rinsing out the hydroton in it.  It usually is much, much cleaner… I’ve cleaned it since the video… Stop judging meeeee!!!!!