CuaBM is a post apocalyptic, Gamma World esque setting reminiscent of the one in Thundarr the Barbarian but way more gonzo.

CuaBM has a sense of humor, sometimes very dark, and makes several nods at the pop culture of various eras.

The zine is the baby of Reid San Filippo.

It has its own Google Plus Community.  The Gamma Crawl Classics G+ Community contains past material regarding the zine/setting.

You can purchase volumes of the zine here.

As of June 22, 2016, it is up to its 14th issue.

Upcoming releases:

UX02: Mind Games – All the psionic rules you need for any genre of DCC. Includes a full psionic system, powers, the new psion PC class, items and monsters. To be released as PDF and POD, page count ~70. On schedule for August release.

CUaBM issue #15 – The second half of the Dinostastic Park semi-hexcrawl. On schedule for September release.

CUaBM issue #16 – Another all monster issue. On schedule for November release.

CUaBM issue #17 – A scrap-licious cornucopia of new articles. On schedule for January release.