A whispered voice calls from a coffin bound in chains, urging the heroes into the depths of the Shudder Mountains, a place rife with superstition and forlorn secrets. In the shadowy, pine-grown valleys of the Deep Hollows lurk mysteries of a bygone age and a new evil emerging from the ruins of the past. The adventurers must plumb the mountains’ secluded reaches to root out this rising terror before its power comes to fruition. Standing in their path are cackling witches, subtle devils, lingering spirits, and a foul thing that moves in the night. Can the heroes appease that which lies within the Chained Coffin and thwart the dawn of a new and terrible age?

The Shudder Mountains is the setting of DCC RPG #83: The Chained Coffin Boxed Set and additional adventures (currently #83.1: Tales of the Shudder Mountains  and most likely  several others TBA).

A fictionalized Appalachia, the setting is based on the traditions and history of the region as well as the fictional works of Manly Wade Wellman which feature the character “Silver John.”

The people are simple and wary of wizards and sorcery because they have been beset by magical evils.  It is a setting in which demi-humans may be tolerated, but not exactly welcome.

For more information, please listen to the Sanctum Secorum podcast on the campaign setting.