Taoist Inner Smile Meditation

Download theĀ file here:

Inner Smile 24-bit 96 khz file (1.6G)

I’ve been wanting to use this interesting mic I have to create some audio files.

It’s a binaural mic that simulates the human head and ear, so that sounds are recorded in such a way that the sound is 3-dimensional.

I’ve made a personal rendition of the Taoist Inner Smile meditation. It’s a variation on the traditional meditation. If you want to learn about the “official” meditation, you can go to Mantak Chia’s site here:

Inner Smile Meditation by Mantak Chia

I am offering the complete 24-bit, 96khz version of the file for free to anyone who wants to download it. It is in FLAC format and is quite large (1.6G). The sound quality is amazing. If you download it, you can play it with VLC player, found at:


Use headphones, and make sure your player can play 24-bit 96khz file (VLC can) to get the full effect.

This is just the initial version. I plan to add multi-layer tracks with whispers and various sounds to enhance the experience. I’ll post that version up later when I have completed recording and mixing all of the effects.

The recording is long (1 hour, 30 min), but worth it. I mix a bunch of stuff I’ve learned from hypnosis, NLP, and meditation all together in the track. Once you’ve listened to it, you can then just go through the meditation yourself in your own mind, as quickly as you want to, whenever you want.

I use a lot of repetition and reinforcement in the recording, so I think one listening will probably be enough to learn the meditation and then do it yourself without the recording any time you want.

You just go through “smiling” into the various important parts of your body (brain, throat, heart, lungs, liver, pancreas, kidneys, digestive system, sexual organs, and dantien). And then circulate your energy up your back along your spine, over and in your head, and down the front center of your body, then back up again, etc. The recording will make everything clear.

I’ve also included a lower quality soundcloud version for those who want to listen but don’t want to download the big file. However, I suggest taking the time to download the large file if you have the bandwidth.

You can listen to the file on soundcloud here:


When listening, make sure to take off your shoes and glasses. Wear comfy, loose-fitting clothing. You can listen sitting or lying down and just allow yourself to shut off. Just pay attention to the words. That’s it. It’s an effortless meditation.